When you say "Animal Adventure Park" in Harpursville, what comes to mind? For most of us, it's April the giraffe. April (and Animal Adventure Park) gained worldwide attention with the giraffe cam and the birth of her son, Tajiri. I know that I was watching and you probably were too.

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On Tuesday, April 4th, owner Jordan Patch announced three new members to the Animal Adventure Park family with the birth of three female baby lions. The cubs were bon on March 23rd and their eyes began to open last week.

It's the second litter for mom, Bisa and dad, Solomon, who have been part of the Animal Adventure pride for the last five years. Jordan let us in on the latest news about the cubs, hear all about it as well as a sneak peek at the three adorable cubs below.

Jordan Patch Announces Three New Lion Cubs At Animal Adventure Park

They hope to have the three female cubs on display soon but they don't force any of their animals to exhibit. When they turn six months old, the park will look to transfer them to their new home.

In case you were wondering, the cubs won't have their own webcam but the tigers will soon. Animal Adventure Park is located at 85 Martin Hill Road in Harpursville and season 11 officially opens at the park on Wednesday, April 12th.

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