As we step into wedding season, it's time to start thinking about what we'll give as a gift to the wedding that we've been invited to and to hope that the newlyweds will be appreciative of what we give them and not as shallow as this awful couple.

I'd just like to preface this by saying that a wedding shouldn't be about getting presents. It should be about sharing a special and monumental life moment with those you love the most.

With that said, on to the craziness.

Most newlyweds send out simple thank you notes a few weeks after their wedding reception, but not this couple. No, this couple send out an awful and very ungrateful note following their nuptials. The note was sent to a former co-worker of the bride who's given the couple a check for nearly $200. Instead of saying thank you for the gift, the woman received a note which basically said the bride and groom were surprised by how cheap she was given her situation. The woman's situation is that she inherited some money a while ago. They even added a P.S. which said the woman was more than welcome to send "an adjustment" and that it "would be thankfully received."

Obviously the woman was absolutely shocked by the 'thank you' note from the bride and groom and turned to an online forum for advice on what to do.

What's not shocking is that the woman was told by several people that she should adjust her gift- to zero by stopping payment on it all together. One internet user said, "It is very rude, unreasonable ... and even if you had given them a fiver they should be grateful."

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