When I was a kid in school in the 1960s, no words in were sweeter than "today we are going on a field trip."  We loved a day away exploring new things (and the bus ride was always a blast).

Coming from Central New York we had a nice little selection of museums to pick from and we enjoyed them all.  Standouts included the New York State Museum in Albany, the Farmers Museum in Cooperstown, and although it was a bit farther away, the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning.  All are on this list.

Museums have recognized the challenges of getting kids in their front doors, and then once inside, how to keep them engaged.  Gone are the stodgy lectures, and the endless click-click-click" of the side presentations.  They are (quite literally) history.

As you peruse this list you will see that one of the key words in museums today is "hands-on."  Kids and teenagers can engage in all sorts of thought provoking and interesting experiments, engaging activities, and just plain fun things to do at today's New York Museums.

These Upstate museums should act as a starting point for a family road trip this summer.  All of these museums have a full lineup of kid's activities for them to enjoy.  These museums cover the whole range of Upstate New York from the Hudson Valley to Buffaol.

As for me, I have to admit.  The USS Slater floating museum in Albany cannot be beat.

So take a look, plan your roadtrip and let me know, what is your favorite kid-friendly museum on this list?

"Hey, Kids! Who Wants to Go To a Museum?" They Will Say a Big "Yes" to These New York Favorites

Here is a list of a dozen New York State museums that kids and teenagers will enjoy to the fullest. They are all pretty much hands-on museums and all encourage interaction with the young visitors.

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