Have you ever wondered what New York's official state dog is? Did you even know that there even was one?

There is and New York has picked "Working Dogs" as its official state dog. When they say "Working Dogs," they're talking about the service animals that make a positive impact on people's lives in so many ways.

Discover New York's Special State Dog

In 2017, New York made a declaration, acknowledging the importance that the working dogs play in our state. From helping people with disabilities to helping  law enforcement officers and firefighters, these dogs are the true heroes.

The Heroic Role of Working Dogs

Service animals are trained to help in so many way by giving comfort and support to those who need it the most. Whether they are helping the visually impaired, assisting  people that are hard of hearing or giving emotional assistance, working dogs make a BIG difference in people's lives every day.

A Heartwarming Decision

So why did New York choose "Working Dogs" as the official state dog? Well, it has a feel-good angle and finding out that they are New York State's official dog is a very good feeling.

Celebrating the Bond Between Humans and Dogs

Service dogs have an unbreakable bond with their handlers, with loyalty, intelligence, and dedication that doesn't quit. They are hardworking, and they bring joy, love, and a sense of peace to their human partners.

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An Ode to Furry Friends

Next time you see a service dog, take a moment to remember everything they do for us while asking for so little in return.

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