There is some big news that is buzzing around New York State! It looks like the infamous Regents exams might not have your only ticket to getting your diploma.

New York State Education Department Proposes Regents Exams Changes

The New York State Education Department is proposing to make Regents exams optional for graduation. That is correct, students won't have to break a sweat and lose sleep over the dreaded Regents exams anymore! Under this new plan, they have a choice to take the exams.

In the past, if you were looking to get that Regents diploma, you had to pass four exams along with racking up 22 credits This change could change what it takes to graduate. NYSED Commissioner Betty Rosa says this is about uncoupling graduation success from things like race, poverty, and special needs.

The idea of getting rid of Regents started in 2019 when parents, educators, and researchers got together. They put their heads together and proposed changes so that every public school student gets a fighting chance.

That's not all that they are doing, they are looking to see if the Regents should go away completely. The New York State Department of Education also wants to see  is also if students are ready to graduate or not.

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As you can imagine, not everyone is crazy about these changes. Some people think that by not having the exams, it would lower the standards and keep teachers from being held accountable.

New York education officials plan to discuss these ideas beginning in July and ending in October. That way, everyone can put in their own two cents and the New York State Department of Education will make the final decision about what will happen in November.

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