If you are among countless New Yorkers suffering from “cannabis confusion” there’s now a website to help you.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has unveiled the Office of Cannabis Management site to provide information on future licensing, cultivation, distribution and sale of newly legalized marijuana in the state.

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The site provides information that was included in the recently passed legislation regarding personal possession and cultivation, personal possession outside the home, record expungement, government opt-out and allocation of revenues.

The legislation is also available to view online.

The site is at https://cannabis.ny.gov

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo estimates licensing, fees and taxes from the adult-use cannabis program could reach $350 million annually.  The Democrat also says there is a potential for the creation of 30,000 to 60,000 new jobs across the state from legalized marijuana.

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While the measure signed into law by the governor allows for personal possession of specific amounts of recreational marijuana, the actual sale of product is not expected to be ready to begin for 18 months while details on fees and regulations are worked out.

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