New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to be interviewed by investigators with the state attorney general’s office who are looking into sexual harassment allegations as the probe nears its conclusion.

The timing of the interview Saturday, July 17 in Albany was confirmed by two people familiar with the case who spoke to The Associated Press.


The New York Times reports Joon Kim and Anne Clark, the two outside lawyers hired to lead the investigation that is being overseen by Letitia James, the state attorney general, are expected to interview the governor. According to the Times report, the lawyers have interviewed several women who have accused the Democrat of sexual harassment or misconduct and recently interviewed senior administration officials.

Piles of documents and records, emails and text messages have been collected as part of the investigation.

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Cuomo has been accused by several women of inappropriate touching and offensive remarks. He has apologized and said that he “learned an important lesson” about his behavior around women but denied any criminal action or wrongdoing. The third-term governor has rebuffed calls to step aside over the allegations. Cuomo has said he will respond to calls for his resignation after all the facts are gathered in the investigation.

Officials have said the results of the investigation will be released in a public report.

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