Concert season will be here before you know it. Yesterday, we found out that Bon Jovi is coming to the Dick's Sporting Goods Open on Friday, August 18th. The Taste of Country Music Festival with headliners, Jason Aldean, Sam Hunt and Miranda Lambert is June 9th-11th at Hunter Mountain. Wow, that's less then five months away.

Have you looked around during a concert? What do you see? People watching the show through their iPhones. Well, if Apple and some singers get their way, you might not be able to record the performances anymore.

If you haven't heard, Apple got a patent for software that would stop iPhone users from using their camera to record or take photos at concerts and other locations like the movies.

Many performers like Brad Paisley and Justin Moore have encouraged the audience to put down the phone and enjoy the show. I'm a wedding DJ and I like it when people dance and have fun with us.

When they are sitting, it's not the same even if they are enjoying it and having a good time. Interaction is always better.

I also understand why you might want to be able to record it. Nothing like your favorite song being sung by your favorite artist and you singing along. I would love that experience.

If I have the chance to sing "Elvira" along with the Oak Ridge Boys (even if it's only in the comfort of my seat) then I want it. I paid good money to go to the show. If I want to spend my time at the event looking through the screen then why can't I?

However, I totally disagree with not being able to take a picture. I want to capture a moment in time with my friends. Here is the rest of the story about what Apple might be able to do to your phone soon.

What do you think?

[via 9to5 Mac]

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