If you're an Android user like I am, this is really exciting news. Apple is finally stepping up its game and making some much-needed changes to the way it handles text messages.

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If you've ever felt frustrated when texting your friends and family who use iPhones, well things are about to change. For years, Android users have dealt with all kinds of issues when we text people with iPhones.

From receiving blurry photos and videos to iMessage reactions like "Ha Ha" and "hearting" appearing as a plain text in group chats...I hate that. There's also that green bubble that makes it obvious to everyone who has a blue bubble that we are not like them. It's a first world problem but a problem none the less.

Apple Has Announced An Update For Next Year

Thankfully, Apple has announced that they're planning an update for next year that should take care of some of these issues. It probably won't fix everything but it should make things easier for us.

Android users can look forward to getting higher-quality photos and videos, and we'll be able to see when someone on the other end is typing - just like iPhone users. The thing I'm most looking forward to is that the update will prevent one person with an Android from wreaking havoc in a group chat. Me. I'm always that person.

As in life, you won't get everything that you want because one thing that probably won't change is the green bubbles. According to industry experts, those blue text bubbles have become a "badge of the Apple tribe." So, there's a pretty good chance that Apple will continue to reserve that color for the exclusive use of its iPhone users.

We don't know when the software update will arrive because Apple hasn't let the rabbit out of the hat and they will only say that it will come "later next year."

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