So have you ever been driving down the highway and you approach a vehicle that's driving in the left lane? As you get closer, you start to wonder: Are they going to move over or do I dare pass them on the right?

When I first met Dawn, she would ALWAYS drive in the left lane. In fact, whenever we would pass someone while the vehicle was in the passing lane, I would say to her "Hey, I think that 's your cousin driving."

I've seen this several times and it can cause moments of anxiousness and worry. In fact, I've said "There ought to be a law against that." Well, NY State Senator Joseph Griffo is sponsoring a bill to do just that.

The bill would help stop drivers from staying in the passing lane for more than one and a half miles on an interstate highway without passing another vehicle. Read more about the bill here.

I will admit, I've driven in the left lane a few times but that was only because the right-hand lane was a mess. We've all been there, the driving lane has just been paved and the passing side is "Thump,  Thump, Thump" and you can feel the muffler coming off underneath the car.

I'm not sure how they'll police it and it's still in committee. So what do you think of this new proposed law?

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