Thursday, August 5th is "National Underwear Day" and who knew that your underwear could be so revealing. I remember when I would interview  male country stars on the radio, sometimes the question that would come up was " Which do you prefer, Boxers or Briefs?"

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It led to some interesting answers and sometimes awkward moments, so I stopped asking the question. So what does it all mean when it comes to our underwear? has the answer and this is what they found out. Since I'm a gentleman, I'll let the ladies go first.

High-cut briefs or Granny panties: Ladies, if that's your underwear of choice, then you are practical and you don't dress to impress.

Boy shorts or Thong: You are a confident go-getter who loves a challenge and you are open to new things.

The need to match: If you are a woman that has to match then you a fashion-conscious and you like to pamper yourself. Some might even say that you are high-maintenance...I won't say it but others may.

Now it's time to answer that important question for the guys, "Boxer or Briefs." Here is what it all means.

Boxers: You are all about comfort and not too flashy. By the way, Boxers are the #1 choice for men.

Briefs or Tightie-Whities:  It means you are inhibited and like the restricted feel. Just so you know guys, if you like to wear briefs, then the women may think of you as their little brother.

Boxer-briefs: You want the best of both worlds. You are good at committed relationships because you already know how to compromise since you've done it with your undies.

No underwear or Commando: You embrace a natural way of life. I think that it means it's time to do the laundry.

Do you have a lucky pair of underwear? I think most of us do even if we don't admit it. Around 30% of us think that we got a job because we were wearing our lucky underwear.

That might not have been the lucky that I was thinking of but it's been a while since I've got that kind of lucky.

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