The first Thursday in November is National Men Make Dinner Day (11/6)! So men, let's cook!

Now I understand that there are many questions women may have regarding this special day, so I'm here to help.Questions from women:

1) Is there a National Men Make Dinner parade? Not yet, but there should be. We like to be recognized for even the smallest accomplishments.

2) Is he allowed to barbeque?  I would say that's acceptable, however the answer is no. Ever since there's been fire, men like to cook over a open flame. In fact, we enjoy cooking when danger is involved. Since this is not the purpose of NMMDD, it shouldn't be allowed. Cooking indoors is a bigger challenge.

3) What if I don't like what's cooked? Ketchup masks any foul taste or pretend you had a late lunch.

4) What foods don't count on NMMDD? Cotton candy, leftovers, office vending food, anything take out or fast food and chewing gum.

5) Should I hide my good cookware today for NMMDD? If you have ever asked your husband to bring home a round steak and he tells you he could only find a rectangular one; if he uses a tool belt as an apron or if he wants to call tonight's dinner "Glenn's Surprise", then the answer is yes.

I'm hoping Dawn sees the potential danger of this holiday and decides that microwavable is the way to go.

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