Remember when the pandemic first hit one of the things that we were told to do was "wash our hands." We were even told to sing "Happy Birthday" while washing our hands with warm soap and water.

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For a while, it was big deal and we made sure to wash our hands and wash them correctly. They say that the average person washes their hand three times a day and during the early days of the pandemic, I'm willing to bet that the average was much higher.

My how have things have changed. The last couple of times that I've visited a public restroom, I noticed that people aren't as "observant" about washing their hands as they used to be.

National Hand Washing Awareness Week

The first full week in December is "National Hand Washing Awareness Week" and maybe it's time that we reminded ourselves about the importance of washing our hands and places that you can pick up the sniffles, if were not careful.

When we go to the public bathroom, we use our hips to push open the stall door and we use a paper towel when we touch the handles and knobs. The liquid hand soap can be a breeding place for bacteria. Not a bad idea to use hand sanitizer after rinsing your hands.

Places To Wipe Down Before You Handle Them

When we go to the grocery store, you may want to wipe down the shopping cart handles. Think about all the people that use the cart, and there's a good chance that the handles haven't been cleaned in a while.

Pens in public places, When you go to the bank, the doctor's office or when signing a package from your favorite delivery person. These pens are fantastic carriers of cold viruses, so keep some antibacterial wipes handy.

Using an ATM or taking a trip in an elevator? Press the buttons with a finger that you won't use to touch your eyes, mouth, or nose. It's not a bad idea to use one of your keys to press the buttons with.

You can go here for some super clean ideas to help you hand hygiene as you  hand wash your way to a healthier you.

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