I have worked in food service basically my entire life. My parents owned a restaurant and brewery when I was younger and that where I learned my most valuable skill: how to cook. I remember cooking until the early hours of the morning when I was just a teenager and loving every second of it.

I eventually graduated to making sandwiches at a local deli. I kid you not, it was the most rewarding job anyone can have. The pure joy when you hand someone their sandwich or cheesesteak is life changing. The smiles you can produce from just bread, lettuce, and deli meats are incredible.

I decided one day to move on to a burrito place.

I immediately regretted it.

I will refrain from using the burrito place’s name so if in the future they want to give me free food, it won’t be awkward.

I love burritos, so naturally I would love working at a burrito place. I was extremely wrong.

First off my manager would watch us from home. He had closed circuit television installed above the counter to watch our every move. If we messed up just a little bit he would immediately call and scold us. This made for a terrible work environment.

Secondly, he was super condescending. Yes, I know I’m 17 years old and still a kid, but I don’t need to be treated like a child. He would inspect our dishes and tools so closely and immediately scream if they weren’t right.

The worst part was how much food I ate. Mexican food is my downfall, so working at a burrito place was naturally not good. It also messed with my stomach!

I called in on Mother’s Day and asked to speak with my boss. He answered the phone and I said “I am not coming in today,” then there was a long pause. I then continued “Or ever again,” and immediately hung up the phone.

I never did collect that last check.

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