You've heard the expression: "New Year, New You." You say that you're going to make changes for 2017. Why not have fun at the same time! Here's some small changes that you can make for the year that can help you and those around you.

Here ya go.

If you finish the coffee at work......make more.

If a car stops for you to cross the street.....hustle a little.

Don't ask people how much they paid for things...It's uncomfortable and it's a boring conversation anyway.

If someone looks bad in a photo, don't tag them on Facebook....unless it's an ex.

Never ask a pregnant woman when she's due or touch her belly without asking....NEVER, EVER, EVER SAY, "You're huge."  Even if you are a Fuccillo fan.

Finally, here's one that my wife has finally learned. If you're not passing someone, Get out of the left lane.

We used to say to her when someone was driving in the left lane, "Hey, there's one of your relatives." I thought it was funny.

Hope this works and here's to a better 2017.

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