I’m down with different types of foods, but have they gone too far with this? Pickles soaked in what??

The website Thrillist ran an article back in January of this year about the grossest foods from each state.

Some of these non-delicacies included Clam Pie from New Haven, a Rhode Island Chop Suey Sandwich, and the Eskimo Pie that contains Seal meat with berries and other animal fats.

After seeing that suddenly Pickles soaked in Fruit Punch doesn’t sound that bad, or does it?

The Great state of New York’s choice for grossest food is something called the garbage plate, its basically everything that is leftover in your fridge from hamburgers, baked beans, eggs, grilled cheese and the kitchen sink all reheated on a plate.

Again the Walmart Tropickle still sounds better than these choices. They (Walmart) got the idea from the grossest food from Mississippi, it’s a pickle soaked in Kool-Aide they call theirs the Koolickle.


I dip my French Fries in my milkshake and people find that gross. What?

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