Earlier this week, I polled the audience on Facebook and got a variety of results from mothers on what they'd like for Mothers Day. Some said a spa day or family related jewelry. Some of the stuff Moms want is pretty high on the price list. Some we could do with thoughtfulness alone.

Here's are five gifts that will show more love than money:

  • 1

    Handmade Bouquet of Balloons.

    Florists will push the prices of flowers to the max for a holiday. Instead, go get a bag of balloons and blow them up and get them tied together and give her a bouquet of balloons! They''l be filled with the beloved hot air of her children!

  • 2

    Recreate a Photo From Your Childhood

    People have been doing this for awhile now,  grab a photo from when you were kids that Mom loves and try to get the same clothes and line yourself up the same way you did when you were kids. Mimic your faces... lots of fun and something she'll enjoy.

  • 3

    It's About Time That You Make Dinner

    Sure taking her out to eat is awesome, but wouldn't she love it if you made her favorite meal yourself?  Plus you won't have crazy long lines at the restaurants.

  • 4

    Do Her Chores

    Add to the cooking and do some cleaning. Hit the dishes and laundry and generally clean everything up! Let her sit for a few!

  • 5

    Spend The Day with Her

    That's what mom wants. Take her to the mall, take her to the park, take her to the movies. Give her your time! She wants to spend the day with you!!!