A couple years ago when I was working on a morning show in Pennsylvania, I stopped by a 24-hour McDonald's at 2am and wanted to order something for breakfast.  No luck.  I was told I could have a burger, but not a McGriddles. Say what?

Either a bunch of morning show DJs asked enough questions as to why they couldn’t get breakfast food at 2am or a light bulb went off inside someone’s head in the fast food chain's corporate office because McDonald's is now revamping their menu and the good news for me is that I’ll be able to grab breakfast on my way into work if I want.

McDonald's is slowly rolling out a new menu (translation: it’ll probably arrive in Binghamton in about a year) called the After Midnight Menu, which will be available from 12am to 4am and will allow you to order breakfast foods as well as regular foods.  So say you wanted my favorite, the sausage, egg and cheese biscuit but instead of hash browns you want fries, you can do it with the new menu.