In the storyline of the new music video for his current single, “Everywhere But On,” Matt Stell’s serious side is showcased, whether he's fighting with his fictitious girlfriend in a high rise Nashville penthouse or enthusiastically performing on stage in front of his loyal legion of fans. But behind the scenes, it was a completely different story.

“It’s basically a narration on the disintegration of a relationship,” Stell explains of the video for the song, which he co-wrote alongside Paul Sikes and Lance Miller.

In this exclusive behind the scenes look at the making of his new music video for “Everywhere But On,” Stell's sense of humor is certainly on display, whether via his hilarious answers to a series of questions posed to him about the video or the way he carefully counts the beers consumed during the entirety of the shoot. Even the argument that serves as a plot point in the video had its share of fun moments.

“My favorite/funniest part of the video was the 'fight' scene in the high rise condo at the beginning of the video,” Stell tells Taste of Country. “I had just met the actress, Laken Hibdon, and then we proceeded to scream at each other while she left me. Even though the scene is a serious part of the video, it makes me chuckle when I see it now.”

In light of the continuing spread of the coronavirus, the behind-the-scenes look at the concert scene in the video is nothing short of bittersweet.

“That was the most memorable part of the video for me,” explains Stell of the footage that was shot earlier this year. “We were actually in Savannah, Ga., on tour. We were able to use actual live footage from my concert to help tell the story which was really cool.”

Stell and his fans will certainly treasure the concert footage for the time being, as it's still unknown as to when artists will get back on the road. But for now, Stell says he is keeping busy in quarantine by writing a whole bunch of songs along with filming his popular Penned Up series on Instagram where he, Lindsay Ell, Jameson Rodgers and a special guest share a song they wrote solo that week while quarantining at home.

The Arkansas native also recently spent some time with television personality Sadie Robertson, surprising two special couples whose weddings were postponed due to COVID-19, singing a series of wedding serenades of his platinum hit “Prayed for You.”

“Surprising the couples with a Sadie was a blast,” Stell tells Taste of Country. “It always feels so good to do things for people, especially when unforeseen circumstances force plans to change, as was the case for these couples. It seemed to mean a lot to them and that makes it really special.”

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