Matt Stell is a changed man in his new song "That Ain't Me No More," but the changes aren't all for the better. The singer offers a second heartbreak song for a radio single, but this one comes with a twist.

"That Ain't Me No More" is Stell's most memorable release to radio thus far, coming on the back of two No. 1 songs ("Prayed for You," "Everywhere But On"), both of which have been RIAA certified. Hunter Phelps, Jake Mitchell, Michael Hardy, Nick Donley and Smith Ahnquist wrote the power ballad, but credit Stell and co-producer Ash Bowers for giving it life with a great guitar riff and heavy rhythms. The arrangement drives emotion as much as the lyrics.

Structurally, this is standard Nashville songwriting, but the team make it special with their twist after the first verse. While "That Ain't Me No More" begins as a self-reflection, you quickly learn it's a song about jealousy and unrequited love. He's not the one with the girl of his dreams any longer, and it stings. You'll find a seed of anger in his vocal performance — just enough to add a new dimension to his repertoire without scaring people away. Honest heartbreak is something Stell does well.

Did You Know?: Stell has released three EPs to date and told Taste of Country "That Ain't Me No More" will be released on his next project, but stopped short of promising a full album in 2021.

Matt Stell's "That Ain't Me No More" Lyrics:

I used to drink 'til I got drunk / My fuse was short and my guard was up / I'd start a fight, I'd slam a door / But that ain't me no more / Yeah, I was number one on my list / I never called back the calls I missed / No, I ain't proud of who I was before / But that ain't me no more.

Yeah, I've turned it all around / But she's over the moon right now 'cause.

Somebody's got her in their shirt / Somebody's textin' her at work / Somebody's got a picture on their dash / Somebody's goin' fishin' with her dad / She's lettin' some lucky someone see / That knock-you-dead dress hit the floor / She found the one and it's killin' me / 'Cause that ain't me no more, yeah / No, that ain't me no more.

She's tellin' everybody that she's in / A better place than she's ever been / There's a name she thanks the good Lord for / But that ain't me no more.

Repeat Chorus

I got a good hold on me / But she's got a good hold on him / Never felt more bittersweet / 'Cause I'm doin' as good and as bad as I've ever been / As good and as bad as I've ever been.

Repeat Chorus

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