Matt Stell reimagined his hit song "Everywhere But On" to further give fans a reason to lean into the melancholy love song. Watch this acoustic performance of Stell's second radio single during this Taste of Country premiere.

"Everywhere But On" is the follow up to "Prayed for You," a more traditional love song and the hit that broke his career wide open. During this co-write with Paul Sikes and Lance Miller, Stell explores the lengths he's willing to go to get over an ex-lover. He's traveled the country, changed jobs and moved away from old memories but just can't move on.

The song is personal for Stell.

"I had lived a lot of 'Everywhere But On' when we wrote it," he tells Taste of Country. "Once it was released I lived a lot more of it."

During an interview with the Boot, he elaborated, saying:

"You know, like, a lot of that second verse: When I say my mail's still going to my mama's house, I still have mail that gets sent there because I wasn't able to get my mail because I was on the road so long before I moved to Nashville."

Find "Everywhere But On" on an EP of the same name from Stell. It's one of two he released in 2020, the other being his October drop of Better Than That. Throughout the year he's also released videos for songs like "Sadie" and "Better Than That."

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