Yes, I've seen the memes about Mariah Carey creeping around the corner, ready to pounce on the holiday season, and I've shared them.  Yes, I've seen the memes about the overplay about All I Want For Christmas Is You and I've chuckled. But honestly, all it takes is one sweet ding of the chime that kicks off the song and my ears perk up like a dog who's just heard the mail truck.

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It's the single song that humans all across the globe love to loathe publicly but the same one we jam out to at a high volume when we're in our cars and there's nobody around to judge us.  Admit it. As soon as the song starts, you take a deep breath and get ready to make your "Iiiiiiii don't want a lot for Christmas" all wavy.

You might be able to turn off the song when it comes on, but you won't be able to stop Mariah Carey from continuing her takeover of all things Christmas because the mega-star has just joined forces with America's largest fast-food chain - McDonald's.

We can roll our eyes all we want but Mariah absolutely has her finger on the pulse of Christmas and isn't afraid to capitalize on it. Starting on December 13 and each day through Christmas Eve, those who visit McDonald's will be able to grab something off the Mariah Menu for free as long as they order something else that order that equals at least a dollar (excluding tax).

Wondering what sorts of free things you'll be able to snag from the Mariah Menu? According to a press release sent out by McDonald's the Mariah Menu will only be available at participating locations and the items offered each day will be as follows:

December 13 – Big Mac
December 14 – McChicken
December 15 – Bakery Item
December 16 – 6-pc Chicken McNuggets
December 17 – Cheeseburger
December 18 – Hotcakes
December 19 – McDouble
December 20 – Apple Pie
December 21 – Sausage McMuffin with Egg
December 22 – Double Cheeseburger
December 23 – Sausage Biscuit
December 24 – Chocolate Chip Cookies

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