If Halloween is your favorite holiday and you love being scared to death, this may be right up your pumpkin alley. There is a company that will pay you to binge-watch horror movies to the tune of one thousand dollars. I have never been a huge fan of horror movies. I am too easily scared. But if you are, according to Fox 2 Now, there are two companies coming together to get someone to watch twenty-four hours of horror movies just in time for Halloween. If you can complete the gruesome task, you will win one thousand dollars and other treats.

Cable TV and highspeedinternet.com is hoping to lure some horror-loving soul into watching your own all-night horror festival on Halloween. Yoy must binge-watch twenty-four hours of horror movies and also live-tweet throughout the marathon.

When you break it down, it's only one thousand four hundred forty minutes of gore and horror. That averages out to about twelve to sixteen of your favorite genre. You can start now by scanning through all of your streaming services to find your most horrifying movies to watch. Anything goes too. It could be monster movies,  ghost stories, paranormal, psychological thrillers, and horror flicks.

If you are screaming to apply for this once-in-a-full-moon event, just click HERE to apply. You must be a citizen of the United States and over eighteen, a big-time horror fan, and write up a bio on their website application.

You have until Friday, October 16th to apply and GOUL LUCK!

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