Everything is different this year because of the coronavirus pandemic and it's going to affect Halloween too. Temperatures are going to be around freezing on Saturday, so instead of taking to the streets to get your treats, you'll treat yourself to a not-so-classic Halloween movie.

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I finally saw Hocus Pocus at Dublin's Adventure Resort in Conklin so I can pass on that one. I want to be able to sleep, so I'm skipping Nightmare on Elm Street and The Exorcist.

If you are like me and would rather have a HORRORable alternative on Halloween, here are my suggestions. You may not have heard of these movies before but you might recognize the actors.

Gingerdead Man: The comedy slasher flick stars Gary Busey in the lead role. The Gingerdead Man was made from a mix of gingerbread spice and the ashes of a deceased serial killer.

So far so good but it ends there.  It cost around $2,000 to make and they probably still lost money on it. The plot includes amateur wrestling, driving a car with a roller pin and a surge of electricity. That my friend is one killer cookie.

The Happening: The only killing in this movie was M. Night Shyamalan's career. It stars Mark Walhberg in an "environmental thriller." Just what I want in a fright flick, a thriller involving the environment.

Plan 9 from Outer Space: It's considered the worst movie ever made by one of the worst directors, Ed Wood. That's hard to believe after hearing about Gingerdead Mand and The Happening.

You'll see flying saucers with visible strings and boom mikes that can be seen. One actor actually dies during production and is replaced by an actor that looks nothing like him. They try to pull it off by having him hold a cape to cover his face.

These movies will leave you in disbelief...as in, I can't believe they made these movies. Grab some popcorn because the only other thing you'll be grabbing is the garbage can after you realize you'll never get those minutes back in your life.

If you're a glutton for punishment and want more HORRORable flicks to fill your bucket list, go here.


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