Do you remember going to the Drive-in movie theater as a kid? My memory is going the drive-in A&W (think Sonic) in Towanda, I'd always get a root beer in a frosted mug then we would go to the drive-in movie afterward.

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I even remember some of the movies including "Escape to Witch Mountain" and "Super Dad" starring Bob Crane (from Hogan's Heroes) and Kurt Russell. How bad was Super Dad? rated the 52 worst live-action Disney movies ever and Super Dad came in 52nd...Super Dud would have been a better title but I remember going to it.

Here's some good news, Drive-in movie theaters are making a comeback. The biggest reason is that you can watch a movie or concert event outdoors while maintaining social distancing regulations.

Garth Brooks had tremendous success with his drive-in concert in June at the Unadilla Drive-in and Kane Brown is doing a drive-in theater concert on September 26th. In Conklin, Dublins Adventure Resort has transformed itself into a Drive-in theater during the pandemic and over the Labor Day weekend they showed "The Wizard of Oz" and they are planning on making that an annual event.

The team at WorkWise analyzed drive-in movie theatres across the US and found that New York is among the states with the most drive-in movie theatres in the nations Unadilla and Dublins are two of 28 drive-in movie theatres in New York.

According to Yelp, the drive-in movie theatres in New York have earned a 4.60 rating out of 5 from the community. You can see the full report and how other states did here. By the way, Dublin's will be showing Jurassic Park this Saturday, September 12th.

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