We all have been affected by cancer in one way or another. My grandfather, Emerson Kipp,died from it just before I graduated from high school and I miss him a lot. My wife just finished her radiation treatments for her cancer and is doing fine.

She's thankful that she got checked early because she isn't sure what might have happened if she hadn't. We've all heard that your best chance against cancer is if it's detected early.

Skin cancer can develop on any area of the body and affect people of all skin tones, so it's important to have regular skin cancer screenings.

So what's your excuse for not getting checked yet? 

There really isn't a reason not to get checked but if it's because you think that you can't afford it, then Lourdes will take that worry away from you.

They are offering FREE skin cancer screenings on Friday, May 31st from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Lourdes Dermatology, 3101 Shipper Rd, Suite 102 in Vestal.

Skin checks will be done by licensed independent practitioners and information on skin cancer prevention will be provided. Lourdes will offer follow-up care, if needed and can help with other health and insurance needs.

No insurances is needed but appointments are required. So call (RIGHT NOW) to schedule at 877-9LOURDES (877-956-8733).

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