We all love vacations, right? They're the perfect escape from the every day grind and a chance to unwind. But you know what can  put a damper on our vacation? The way we think we look.

A  survey by Forbes Health showed that 33% of New Yorkers say their body image negatively impacts their ability to enjoy their vacation. According to the survey, more than a third (37%) of people feel the pressure to lose weight before they get away for vacation.

Who feels it the most? It's our Gen Z and millennials. 51% of Gen Z and 42% of millennials say they feel the need to look a certain way before they hit the beach or pool.

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You'd think that once we're on a sandy paradise, we could just let loose and have a blast, right? Well, think again. The survey showed that younger New Yorkers are more likely to feel the negative impact of body image on their vacation enjoyment.

42% of Gen Z and 39% of millennials say their body image has put a damper on their bliss. On the bright side, only 32% of Gen X and 19% of baby boomers reported feeling the same way.

Why do we feel this pressure to look a certain way? The survey found that judgment from others takes the cake, with a 61% saying it adds pressure. And guess who else is in on the game? Our pal, social media. 31% say the influence of platforms like Instagram adds to the pressure.

Picture this: you're on a beach, surrounded by sun, sand, and surf. Sounds good, right? For some New Yorkers, it's not all smooth sailing. The survey reports that 56% feel the pressure from their family when it comes to looking a certain way. It doesn't end there. Over half (52%) feel the pressure from their friends and 43% from their significant others.

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