Is it me or is everyone feeling sick? If you're feeling fine then there is a good chance that you know someone that isn't feeling well. Yesterday, I told you about old-fashioned home remedies to try before you go to the walk-in.


I haven't felt sick at all, so I'm beginning to wonder if I'm a carrier. Probiotics seem to be all the rage but there is something else that you could do. The University of British Columbia did a study and found that looking at pictures of sick people will boost your immune system. WHAT?!

This is what they did: They took two groups of volunteers. One group looked at pictures of furniture and the other group saw images related to disease and illness. Blood samples were taken from both groups and the researchers added bacteria to it.

According to the results in Psychological Science, the group that looked at the slides of the disease showed a stronger immune response in their blood samples. They figured that the immune system responds aggressively when it looks like you are coming into contact with something that might make you sick.

So try this at work. Go to your co-workers Facebook page and print out sick pictures of them (sick as in unhealthy) and put them up around the office. That way you can stay healthy and everyone can see your cohorts looking at their "best."

I have a feeling that's not what the fine folks at Psychological Science meant when they did the study but it could be fun to try.

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