Can you go an entire day without your smart phone? No texts, E mails, Apps, Contacts and the other multi functions that you depend on from that little rectangle.

I did the unspeakable this morning, I walked out of the house without my cell phone, so now what? I guess I’ll be without it for today and somehow, I’ll get by?

So what other things are we hooked on in today’s technological society


  • Computers: If we can’t use our phones we’re e-mailing, face booking, watching a movie or looking up information on our computers.
  •  Television: We don’t even have to be there at any given time thanks to the ‘on demand’ and DVR features our cable provider have for us.
  •  Air Conditioners: When I was young we never knew anyone with an air conditioner, you would see some in stores or offices but nothing like we see everywhere today.
  •  Sun Screen: We use to be outside all summer long with no lotions or sun block on us, either there is an issue with the ozone layer or someone is lying to us because you can’t leave the house in the warmer months without it today.
  •  Microwaves: The only place you ever saw a microwave when I was a kid was in the quickie mart stores to warm up sandwiches and pizza. They started to become popular in the late 70’s and now I don’t think we could live without them.
  •  Allergy Medicine: So many people have allergies now, there have always been people with allergies, but today it seems like everyone is taking something to relive the itchy eyes and runny noses during allergy season.


There are so many other things but those were a few that came to mind.

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