Lay's has been crazy creative with their chips over the last few years.

We've seen cheesy garlic bread chips, bacon mac and cheese chips, even a cappuccino flavor.

So this new venture in to regional flavors of chips is not surprising.

At the end of this month lays is launching a line of chips highlighting regional delicacies.

New England will have a lobster roll flavor, Chesapeake Bay will have a crab spice chip, the Midwest has its fried pickle and ranch chip, the Southeast ill get a pimento cheese chip, the central gulf will be enshrined with cajun spice, deep dish pizza flavored chips will represent Chicago, chile con queso chips will showcase southern California, and sweet Thai chili will be the flavor representing the Pacific Northwest.

All of these flavor's will be available online for purchase if you want to sample any of these very unique flavors.

But why isn't New York represented? A state and region with a rich history and unique food culture doesn't even get a wink from Lay's.

Spiedies, Buffalo wing, even a beef on weck flavored chip would do well. Pennsylvania has a deep history of the PA Dutch. We could have any one of their famous baked goods made into a chip.

If Pennsylvania and New York had their own chips, what would the flavors be?

Check out all these crazy chip concepts here.

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