I have seen many versions of King Kong through the years, but the new film Kong:Skull Island captures the massive ape in a much different way

This past weekend my wife and I went to see the latest King Kong movie, the story line was not the typical King Kong climbs the Empire State Building menacing Ape.

When I saw the preview for this movie, all I can think of was Samuel L Jackson saying ‘I’m tired of this Ape on this island, with a few explicit words mixed in.

The story shows Kong in a different way almost absent from the movie at times, there were many cool effects and the director introduced us to some new monsters including a giant spider, some really ugly birds and a monster in which the John C Reilly character called ‘Bone Crawlers’

Skull Island looked really cool, I think the special effects in this film were state of the art from the creatures to King Kong himself.

Samuel L Jackson played an ornery military officer with somewhat of a death wish (sorry no spoilers you’ll have to see the movie to find out if his wish comes true)

John Goodman was the man who discovered the island, and the best character was played by John C Reilly a kooky WW2 soldier who was left on the island after the war.

Brie Larson was the beautiful girl that charmed the beast, and may have wound up in his hand, but not on the edge of the Empire State Building.

The movie has made almost 150 million in its 4th week, this is a movie a would go and see again.

[via IMDB]

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