Kelsea Ballerini took her impressive skills with potato chips and put them to use on the Late Late Show With James Corden.

Because, apart from her success as a country singer, the entertainer also has a talent when it comes to the ubiquitous fried snack food.

What can she do with potato chips? Well, for starters, Ballerini can toss a chip in the air and catch it in her mouth. She can also cover one in dip using no hands.

The musician displayed the latter trick in one of her Instagram videos from April, back at the very start of the quarantine caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Now, she's harnessed a similar gift on national television with the Late Late Show's so-called Potato Chip Olympics.

"It's no secret that I have very impressive skills when it comes to potato chips," Ballerini says in the clip. "I'm happy to announce that I will be competing in the Late Late Show Olympics. And I'm feeling very competitive."

But did the singer's chip tricks stack up to her social media display from spring? Because that was quite the showing from Ballerini. To follow it up, the entertainer's chip-fueled appearance from the Late Late Show's Virtual Green Room involved many different maneuvers involving the munchies.

She created a tower out of chips and flipped a chip in the air using a fork. She also karate-chopped a potato chip into two pieces and balanced a chip on each of her fingers simultaneously.

Further, she flicked a chip back into the bag and balanced a chip on her nose. The country star even stuffed her mouth full of potato chips before attempting to sing her hit song "Hole in the Bottle."

Sure, Ballerini performed the same song onstage at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium during September's 2020 ACM Awards. But hearing her belt the number with a mouthful of snacks is a different experience entirely.

If music doesn't end up working out for her, maybe Ballerini can get a job at Frito-Lay.

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