Have you ever wondered about the actual chances of your kid landing your dream job they enter the working world?

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Many kids dream of landing their dream jobs after graduating from school or college, but it's not always easy to know whether or not they will. However, according to new research by Casinos.com, there is a glimmer of hope.

By analyzing job data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics across every state in America, Casinos.com has revealed the true odds of landing dream jobs such as Doctor, Lawyer, Pilot, and more.

The study found that lawyers are the most likely to land their dream job with a chance of 1 in 265 across America. In second place are doctors with a chance of 1 in 330, followed by firefighters with a chance of 1 in 505. On the other hand, the least likely dream jobs from those analyzed are athletes, with a 1 in 16,164 chance, and singers with a 1 in 8,161 chance.

It turns out that the best states for dream jobs are Hawaii and Vermont, with both states having the best odds of securing three of the 12 jobs analyzed.

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For those who dream of being a lawyer in New York, the odds of fulfilling that dream are actually pretty good at 1 in 106.

The odds of landing some of the other analyzed dream jobs in the state of New York are as follows: doctor 1 in 266, lawyer 1 in 106, veterinarian 1 in 2381, psychologist 1 in 784, photographer 1 in 2558, singer 1 in 2564, writer 1 in 1412, architect 1 in 734, firefighter 1 in 815, pilot 1 in 1221, and chef 1 in 840.

The study's findings were calculated by extracting data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics website on "jobs per 1,000 occupations" and then dividing the result by each state's population and multiplying by 1,000 to show the odds of landing each dream job per state. The researchers then tallied the nationwide odds by calculating the average odds of every dream job across all states.

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