Jim Parsons is off the market, but that's okay. We know he's still going to be there for us.

The 44-year-old actor got hitched to his longtime boyfriend over the weekend. Parsons is well on his way to becoming a legend on the small screen. That'll happen when you win four Emmys for playing the same character -- something Parsons has indeed done for his portrayal of genius Sheldon Cooper on CBS' long-running Big Bang Theory.

There's no denying that Parsons, a relative unknown when the series premiered back in 2007, is spot on for his depiction of the arrogant and condescending, yet somehow lovable, Sheldon. (He's so good that we're actually kind of nervous for Iain Armitage, the child tasked with portraying Cooper as a child in the upcoming spinoff, Young Sheldon.)

Unlike Sheldon, Parsons is not immune to mistakes. That is, sometimes he -- or his co-stars -- mess up while shooting their scenes. The Big Bang Theory is already plenty funny, but when you watch these outtakes you'll realize it's gone to another plane of funny.

Take a look at some more of Parsons' hilarious bloopers below.

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