I was surfing through Facebook and came across a product that I thought was genius, I love discovering these things and products. I am a huge fan of Shark Tank and I am always searching for a get rich quick scheme.


I love the thought process and trial and error behind inventing something, it sparks my interest. I came across this winter hat/beanie that actually has built in speakers, and they are Bluetooth! Which means no messy wires. It also a nice knit hat!


You can walk the dog or survive these could Southern Tier winters all while keeping your head warm. Let’s say you are lounging on the couch on a cold day, pop this hat on and listen to your favorite song while reading a book!


The coolest part of the hat is the play and volume buttons are sewn right into the side of the hat, easily accessible.


I am contemplating on buying myself an early Christmas gift!

Check out the hat here.

[via Mojo Trend]

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