Federal officials are weighing in on bans on gas-powered stoves.

Their comments might be good news for gas-stove fans.

Gov. Hochul Wants To Ban Gas Stoves In New York State

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New York Gas Ban Challenged By Lawsuit In Federal Court

In October 2023, gas and construction trade groups sued New York State over the law that bans gas stoves and furnaces in new buildings.

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The National Association of Home Builders and the National Propane Gas Association, among others, are involved in the lawsuit. The organizations believe New York's new law violates the federal government’s rules about how gas appliances are regulated, according to the Associated Press.

Biden Administration Weighs In On Gas Stove Ban

This week, the Department of Energy revealed new efficiency standards at the federal level that could be good news for New Yorkers who love their gas stove. Many gas stoves already meet the standards set at the federal level, according to the DOE.

"DOE’s analysis shows that 97% of gas stove shipments already meet the new standards. Manufacturers will have until January 31, 2028, to modify the small share of models that do not already meet the standards. DOE’s analysis has shown that manufacturers can optimize burner and grate design (including grate weight, flame angle, and distance from burner ports to the cooking surface) to improve energy efficiency performance," the Appliance Standards Awareness Project stated.

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Fun Fact: My cousin hosted our family at her new home for Christmas Eve and Christmas this year. Her parents did most of the cooking.

My uncle, her father, hated her new electric stove. So much so that after cooking our Christmas Eve dinner at my cousin's he refused to cook his famous meatballs on the electric stove for Christmas.

I don't know if the electric stove would have impacted the taste of his meatballs, but the ones he cooked on his trusty gas-powered stove were delicious!

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