By stereotype, New York residents are rude and abrasive people who are always in more of a rush to get somewhere than the next person, but a new study says we don't come near the top of the list for stress.

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According to a study by Adam McCann of WalletHub, when ranking states by how stressed their residents are, New York is shockingly low compared to how we're generally thought of.

The study ranked New York as the 20th most stressed state in America, with the main reason for our stress coming from family-related issues. And despite the cost of living and "grind culture" that New York City is known for, money related stress ranked New York 35th and work-related stress ranked us 21st.

Among the most stressed stated were Mississippi, Louisiana, New Mexico, West Virginia, and Nevada. And the most relaxed states were Minnesota, Utah, New Hampshire, South Dakota, and Massachusetts.

Now as a proud New Yorker, I have to say I'm a little disappointed. The entire brand of New York is grabbing some cheap coffee, walking through a blizzard to the office, working all day, and then working on your side hustles after work. So to find out that we're not even in the top ten of most stressed states in the country kind of shatters the illusion of the grind.

So let's all agree to do the New York thing and be so petty that we purposefully increase our stress levels and overtake all 19 states ahead of us on the list.

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