There's one thing you should know above everything else about Garth Brooks' new bar and honky-tonk, Friends in Low Places.

The singer says that in 20 years, it's what he hopes the establishment will represent.

"Build a place where people love one another. That’s what we wanna do here. Be the ripple," he says.

“If this place is what I want it to be, this place will be love.”

Signs of that love-first approach come in small ways (familiar menu choices, accessibility, music, etc ...) and large. Notable is a first-of-its-kind on Lower Broadway emergency response system. With a push of a button, all the lights will come up, and the music will stop so first responders can get to someone having a medical emergency.

Brooks' mantra: “First time customer by chance. Repeat customer by choice."

The police substation he funded next door is another example. During a press event prior to the official grand opening on March 7, Brooks pointed out that previously, Metro Police were stationed four blocks and a ton of Nashville traffic away from the busiest tourist street in Tennessee.

Now they can keep the peace from where the peace needs keeping, from an office that used to be an alley off of Ernest Tubb's Record Shop.

“If that’s the only reason this whole bar comes up, it’s reason enough for me,” Brooks says.

Here is everything you need to know about Friends in Low Places Bar & Honky Tonk:

Friends in Low Places Bar & Honky Tonk, Location and Hours:

Friends in Low Places Bar & Honky Tonk is located at 411 Broadway in Nashville. That address famously held Paradise Park Trailer Park until 2018 before becoming the Downtown Sporting Club. You'll find at least one tribute to PPTP on the top floor:

Pictures of Garth Brooks Friends In Low Places
Billy Dukes for Taste of Country

When the new venue held its soft opening in November, Brooks suggested his venue would close earlier than some on Broadway on some nights. That doesn't seem to be the case.

Friends in Low Places Bar & Honky Tonk is open Monday to Friday, 11AM to 2AM; Saturday/Sunday 10AM to 2AM.

It's all ages until 8PM, and the Oasis is always 21 and up.

What Is the "Oasis"?

The top floor (fourth floor) is the Oasis. It's an open-roof concept that currently has an awning, with plans for a retractable roof. While casual, the DJ booth promises high-energy nights as visitors go back and forth between the first room and patio. This floor has its own unique menu that will be perfect if you love chicken tenders.

What About the Other Floors?

The first and second floors of Friends in Low Places are the honky-tonk. There are multiple bars on each, with seating spaced out for people to be able to travel between tables comfortably. The second-floor mezzanine looks over the first floor's main stage. This stage is unusually large for Lower Broadway honky-tonks. It's also retractable.

Expect music all day and nightly, but as of now, the calendar is available at the website.

Pictures of Garth Brooks Friends In Low Places
Billy Dukes for Taste of Country

The third floor is where you probably want to find yourself at some point. It's a private event space and VIP, membership-only club that's very posh. A replica of Trisha Yearwood's kitchen fills one room of a space that used to be a multi-room hotel. Depending on the event, the private space can host about 100 to 250 people.

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Does Friends in Low Places Serve Food?

The menu at the Oasis was already mentioned, but the bottom two floors serve a menu made by Yearwood. Here it is, as of March 2024:

Friends In Low Places Menu

Will Garth Brooks or Trisha Yearwood Visit Friends in Low Places?

Both singers said they'd miss the grand opening as they were exhausted from two years of planning and building that ramped up to new levels the week prior to opening.

It's doubtful you'll ever spy either at the bar, however. Yearwood may work with chefs in the kitchen from time to time, but neither have made any sort of commitment to pop up like Blake Shelton did at Ole Red across the street over and over.

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