Brantley Gilbert is known for his rowdy, ready-to-rock live fanbase, but there's a few things he won't tolerate at his shows — and violence against fellow concertgoers is one of them.

During a three-day run that took him to Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Niagra Falls over the weekend, Gilbert saw a fan in the crowd of one show whose behavior was turning dangerous, and he stopped the music in order to set things straight.

Another fan caught the whole encounter on video, and shared it on TikTok.

"This is why we love Brantley Gilbert," she writes in the caption of the post. "The man behind me punched a girl, and [Gilbert] came right down!"

It's a little difficult to tell what's going on in the video due to the loud music and the chaos of the other fans rocking out to Gilbert's set, but one thing is perfectly clear: As soon as the singer spies some uncalled-for behavior going on in the rows closest to the stage, he leaps down and rushes into the audience towards the offender, who apparently hit a woman standing next to him at the show.

In between cries of "Security!" and "He just punched a girl in the face!" Gilbert rushes up to the man, and appears to say, "Hey, chill the f--k out. Settle down."

According to Gilbert's tour calendar, he doesn't hit the road again until June, but he'll be busy this summer: He's joining forces with Nickelback for the Get Rollin' Tour.

Still riding the high from his November 2022 album So Help Me God, Gilbert has teased that he's already at work on more new music, which he hopes to release not too far in the future.

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