With the pandemic still, unfortunately, a big part of our lives, many people are still working from home, rather than returning to the office or workplace. For some, it's been a great advantage.

Firstly, you don't have to get dressed up, drive to work and back, and probably get to enjoy better scenery than you have in your workplace, depending on where you work. I've mentioned in the past that these exact reasons are why one of my sister's hopes is that she will get to work from home permanently.

Well, that's all good I suppose for the employee, but how good is it for the employer? Sure, if you are getting your work done, no problem. But how about time management? Well, according to ABC 7 NY, some employers and supervisors are using a program called 'Tattleware' to check up on their employees who work from home.

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Basically, this software takes photos of the work-at-home person at certain intervals to show that the employee is indeed in front of their computer, working as they normally would in the workplace.

The ABC 7 NY article also mentions that there is even software available that allows the employers to see what you write in an e-mail. Sure, as a work at home employee, that person should be working the same as if they are in the workplace, but is this considered an invasion of privacy or is it just a way for your company to keep tabs on you during the workday?

If I was working from home, I don't think I would be happy about this at all. Getting my work done on a daily basis as it should be, would be considered an acceptable day's work without having big brother spying on me.

What are your thoughts? Is this the future of the work-at-home option? Is it even legal?

via ABC 7 NY

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