Make Up To $100,000 working at Taco Bell
I will gladly take $100,000 (and hopefully all the free tacos I can get). I'm usually impressed with Taco Bell late night on a Friday or Saturday, after hitting the drive-through on Wolf Road.  But to be honest, this most recent news article I caught is pretty impressive as well...
5 Things Never to Keep Your Work Computer
So, there's some stuff you should never be storing on your computer at work. We just had a meeting about this here at the station recently! But... someone went out and about and asked a bunch of Human Resources Pros what shouldn't be on your work machine...
Birdsall's Odd Jobs [WATCH]
This week, I was a Shredder Operator at Upstate Shredding in Owego, New York. Not only did we shred cars and other assorted metal objects, but we also helped sort through the remains before they were sent out to be recycled.
Mechanic - Birdsall's Odd Jobs
This week, I was a Big Rig Mechanic at Laing Truck and Trailer! Hawk listener Dale was happy to let me come bend some axles and work on a starter, as we climbed around under trucks and wrenched on other ones. This job was different than just swinging wrenches as a regular auto mechanic in many ways. The most obvious is the size of the vehicle. The rest, well... you'll see!