As tempting as it may be to run your tongue over the egg beaters or shovel a spoonful of raw cookie dough into your mouth, you probably don't want to unless the idea of diarrhea, cramps, vomiting, and more sounds appealing.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there have been about a dozen reports of people becoming very sick because of a salmonella outbreak in eleven states, including New York.

The CDC says that it has launched an investigation due to the reported illnesses which sent three individuals to the hospital. The CDC says that although it only knows of a dozen people who have become sick, it believes that the number is probably much higher.

The CDC says that the people who became ill with salmonella were confirmed between December 2022 and mid-February 2023 as it takes up to a month for the agency to determine whether or not the illness is linked to an outbreak. In this case, it is.

According to the CDC, half of the people who are confirmed to have contracted salmonella said that in the week before they got sick, they ate raw dough or batter. Now the investigation begins as the CDC attempts to find out whether or not a specific brand of flour was used by each of the individuals who became safe.

The CDC reminds people that flour is raw which means that it is not treated to protect against germs that can lead to food poisoning and as tempting as it may be to take a taste of raw dough or batter, you really shouldn't.

The side effects of salmonella can be serious enough to require hospitalization, especially in children, elderly persons, and those who have weak immune systems.

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