If you're a New Yorker and confused about what day of the week Christmas falls on, you're in good company and we're here to help clear things up for you.

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As we were pouring through some top-searched questions asked by New Yorkers on Google we stumbled on this – “is Christmas always on a Sunday?”

We know that 2021 feels like it was a lifetime ago and if you think back to it, it’s probably a haze as we were fresh off coming out of what felt like a 500-year pandemic but if you can reach deep into the recesses of your mind, you may recall that Christmas fell on a Saturday last year.

This year, Christmas will fall on a Sunday and in 2023, the holiday will fall on a Monday which many are happy about because it means a three-day weekend for most.

The date of Christmas never changes. No matter what year, the date will always be on December 25. However, the day that Christmas falls does and will continue to change.

Some holidays are celebrated on the same day of the week each year, such as Memorial Day, which is always held on the last Monday of May. So, the date might change but the day will not.

Much like Christmas which falls on December 25 of every year, so does Valentine’s Day (February 14) and the 4th of July (July 4) and Halloween (October 31), and a slew of others.

So, if you didn't know that the date of Christmas is always December 25 and that the day of the week it falls on changes from year to year, now you do!

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