So this is Valentine's weekend. Here is the big question: Do I dare ask her out on a 1st date this weekend?

So guys, I thought I would try to help you with this question and asked the ladies in the building. Here are some of the things they frown upon and what I think about it as well.

Don't ask me to share my dessert. I skimp on the main course because I don't want to eat too much.

Glenn: As a man, I'm glad I never, ever worry about that. My question is, "Is it okay to finish what you don't?"

Don't talk or complain about your ex. Unless you only want one date.

Glenn: Can I still get a kiss goodnight?

Keep GOOD eye contact. Staring at me all night like a bunny-boiler is not good.

Glenn: What if it's a staring contest?

Don't pick a restaurant that has special significance. It's okay if you had your 16th birthday party, not so good if it's where you took your last date.

Glenn: What if it's the only place I have a coupon for?

Here's one for the ladies. If a man uses a coupon he knows it's a 'Happy Hug' kind of night. There's not going to be a 2nd date and he just wants to save some moola.

I don't know if I really helped or not. I look at it this way, if you are coming to me for love advice, that's YOUR first mistake.

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