Chrysler just produced a new car called the Portal that takes selfies for you.  It's super dangerous to be snapping selfies while your behind the wheel, so they figured this was an easy... yet expensive fix. There's a camera mounted in the car that automatically takes pictures of everyone inside and sends those pictures to their phones.

It's an all-electric, hyper-artistic designed, semi-autonomous, configurable “third space” between work and home. What is "3rd Space" you ask? Generally, another comfortable environment you'd go to besides work or home.

For now, it's just a concept vehicle, so there's no official ramblings on whether it will be placed into full production or whether they could add the selfie feature to their other cars.

I may be old as dirt, but I'd rather have a car that attained 50 mpg around town more than i would worry about whether or not it took my dang picture!



(VIA: USA Today)

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