Remember taking the SAT exams? Of course, you do. If you nailed them, you definitely remember and if you flopped them, you'll never forget. But let's ask this question- how did your SAT score REALLY impact your life as a grown adult?

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For literally forever, the SAT exams which are college admission exams have been taken in a big space, an auditorium or gymnasium and with pencil and paper but big changes are coming.

Finally catching up with the times, the SAT exams will move to a digital format for every single student in the United States, including in New York, starting in 2024.

Not only will the SAT exam move to a digital format, but the testing time will last less than previously. That's right - the excruciatingly long SAT exams will now only last for two hours rather than the traditional three. Also, and this would have been a huge game-changer for the mathematically challenged test takers of the past, students will be allowed to use a calculator on the math section. Also, the reading portion will include shorter sections.

The SAT exams will still take place under the watchful eye of a test monitor but starting in 2024, students will be allowed to pick whether they want to take the exam on their own device, including a tablet or laptop, or if they'd rather use a school-provided device.
So, what happens if the testing facility experiences a loss of power or internet service? The new SAT exams will be designed to constantly auto-save so that work isn't lost during the hiccup.

In other news, the largest public university system in the entire United States of America is considering doing away with the requirement that students at its 23 campuses must be able to show SAT or ACT scores for admission.

The board of California State University plans to officially accept the change in March. CSU trustee Julia Lopez told EdSource, “There are people who would like it to remain the way it was, and there will be people who will want to argue that this is actually reducing the quality of instruction.”

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