Today a debate was parked amongst myself, Traci Taylor, and our new digital guy Robert. I said I had visited a restaurant last night and had saw some delicious looking milkshakes. Robert immediately responded “Did the milkshakes have ice cream in them?”

I immediately shot a look of confusion mixed with a little disgust. Of course, the milkshake had ice cream in it, that’s how you make a milkshake. Robert said a milkshake is actually just cold milk and flavored syrup, a “frappe” is cold milk, syrup, and ice cream.

Apparently, I have been living a lie for 26 years on this earth.

I then realized that Traci, Robert, and I are from all different regions of America, and food terminology gets a little weird.

Robert is from the New England area and up there a milkshake doesn’t actually contain ice cream. That being said, what kind of crazy person goes out of their way for basically flavored milk. A milkshake must contain ice cream.

Traci and I hang around the Philadelphia area a lot. Her husband and I actually went to the same high school, so we both recognize the same food terminology.

I have never in my life called a sandwich a “sub” until I moved to New York State. If you even said the word “sub” back home people would shoot you a dirty look. Traci and I refer to these sandwiches as “hoagies.” The word hoagie is so synonymous with the Philadelphia area and my family that my mother would call me a “little hoag” when I was young and pudgy.

I honestly love these regional food debates, they always spark interesting conversations.

But, a milkshake totally contains ice cream.

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