Some Yankee fans seem to be climbing on the Philadelphia Phillies band wagon. I'm not sure if it's love for the Fanatics or disdain for the Asstros. It reminds me of many NY Giants fans (when Big Blue was bad) when they hopped aboard the Bills wagon.

Who would have thought that the Phillies would make it to the playoffs, advance to the NLCS and to the World Series? Then be leading the cheaters in the Fall Classic. It's not over till the fat lady sings but the Phillies are looking as good as their cheesesteaks.

Philadelphia's Oldest Bar Serves Red Beer For First Time Ever

The entire city of Brotherly Love is getting into the spirit especially if the spirit is beer. Philadelphia's oldest bar, McGilllin's Olde Ale House is doing something that it hasn't done in it's 162 year history.

They began serving red beer on Wednesday, October 26th and it seems to be working cause the Phillies are fantastic. McGillin's has offered green beer for the Eagles and blue beer for Villanova but this is the first time to quench your thirst by having a red cold one.

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Red October has made its way into Red November and things are looking good so far. The Phillies were the last team to qualify for the playoffs and are two wins away from being the last team standing.

The Phils have been perfect and have won all 6 games at Citizens Bank Park this postseason. If they keep it going, they may not have to travel to Texas and they can take a walk to McGillin's and go deep and down a cold red brew.

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