Allow me to brag for a blog post today. I am usually a pretty humble and superstitious person when it comes to teams and things I like. That’s why in this blog I will describe my favorite football team but not mention them by name. I don’t want to jinx them!

We are eleven games in to the NFL season and my “Team from Philadelphia” has been impressive to say the least. Their quarterback whose name rhymes with Warson Centz is playing at an MVP level and the defense is absolutely amazing.

When the “Team from Philadelphia” wins, it makes my life so much easier. I can wake up on Monday cook a breakfast and have a coffee that tastes so much sweeter. I come into work in a happy mood and I would say I even treat my coworkers a little better.

Being a fan of a winning teams helps me win my week. I will say that we are accepting applications to jump on the “Team from Philadelphia’s” almost full bandwagon, and we welcome all my listeners to come along. Even Doug Mosher, a devout Giants fan, is jumping on.

The point of my blog today is to tell you to do something fun on Sundays. Whether it be riding your bike, playing with your kids, or watching your favorite team win. I truly believe in not letting the dreaded Monday ruin your Sunday! Get out and do something great and start your week off the right way! Go “Team from Philadelphia!”


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