So Traci was commenting yesterday (off the air) about how I made bitter coffee at work. I didn't tell her that it may have included some coffee left over from last Friday. I hope that isn't why she's out sick today.

Traci also recently told me that the World Health Organization (WHO) has downgraded its warnings on coffee. The WHO has no conclusive evidence that drinking coffee causes cancer. Here's the whole story from Traci.

We love our coffee. I know the Hawk Morning Show really, really love it and our mornings aren't complete without out Mr. Koffee coffee. Some people are really obsessed with coffee. How obsessed?

Here's how you may know that you are "weird, stalking obsessed" with the java.

  1. Your eyes stay open when you sneeze.
  2. Your favorite song is..."The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup."
  3. You've done 5 miles on the treadmill....Then you find out it's not turned on.
  4.  You name your dog Cream and your cat Sugar...and your goldfish French Vanilla.
  5. Your name is Traci  but people call you "Buzz."

Here's my question: Since St. Patrick's Day was just a little over a week ago, does Irish coffee count?

[via Time/AP]

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